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With support from various Government and Non-Governmental organisations, the TARA Akshar+ Literacy programme has been tested and proved with over 190,142 women who were completely illiterate. The students were spread over 850+ locations in 8 States of Northern India. The results from this large test sample have been extraordinary. Implementation of the TARA Akshar+ Literacy and Numeracy programme is a systematic process, carefully designed to deliver solid results in least time at least cost. It is a full, standardized package of learning facilities, methods, and materials delivered by a cadre of managers, instructors, quality control supervisors and testing experts.

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TARA Akshar+, has just been awarded a WISE Education Award 2016. August 3,2015

7th and 8th cycle of Gyan Chaupali Total 204 centers are running in Rampur (75), Ramnagar (54) and Mariyahun (75) district of Jaunpur, in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.August 3,2015