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The Inclusive Model of TARA Akshar+ program not only targets women during mobilisation rather it reaches to their families and communities. This is to promote and enhance their ownership and women's participation in the program. The program starts with 56 days of TARA Akshar+ which imparts functional literacy in Hindi and basic Arithmetic. The TARA Akshar+ is an ICT based program which aims to promote functional literacy among women in 56 days. This program can be broadly divided into 2 parts:

  • TARA Akshar: As the name suggest this section imparts knowledge on basic Hindi. It is a 36 days long program which deals with all Hindi alphabets, matras and simple word formation. It also has an inbuilt structure for revision days and examination.
  • TARA Ganit: This imparts knowledge on basic Arithmetic. It lasts for 18 days which not only deals with basic counting but also addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Women are divided into batches of 10 who are taught daily for 2 hours. The batches are formed inside the village so that it is easily accessible to women.
  • It works across various age demographics, with both rural and urban populace.

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TARA Akshar+, has just been awarded a WISE Education Award 2016. August 3,2015

7th and 8th cycle of Gyan Chaupali Total 204 centers are running in Rampur (75), Ramnagar (54) and Mariyahun (75) district of Jaunpur, in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.August 3,2015