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Literacy even builds pathways for nation-building. Every time a woman remains illiterate, they can remain behind in their life as a human and a citizen of India. Literacy gives women agency, authority and opportunity.

Our Team

our team

dr. ashok khosla

Chairperson & Founder, Development Alternatives Group

A Pioneer in development & dissemination of effective environmental management systems, Dr. Khosla started DA over 35 years ago, with a mission to create technologies, businesses and markets for large scale generation of sustainable livelihoods.

our team

Victor Lyons

Creator, The TARA Akshar Programme

Mr Lyons holds training in the field of mental health. TARA Akshar+ is a result of understanding human behaviour and integrating technology into learning systems.

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Maj Gen Rahul Bhardwaj

Senior Advisor

An Ex-army officer, Maj Gen Bhardwaj provides operational and strategic inputs to the TARA Akshar+ programmes team.

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Colonel MS Ahluwalia

Chief Project Manager

An Ex-army Officer, a seasoned flying instructor, Col Ahluwalia has been managing all aspects of operational management, logistics, HR & training for the TARA Akshar+ programme, for over a decade now.

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Dr. Alka Srivastava

Senior Consultant, Content & Programme Development

Dr Srivastava provides strategic inputs in research, training & advocacy efforts for the TARA Akshar+ programme. Been a pioneer in strengthening the programme and its contribution to family and society.

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Jyoti Sharma

Asst. Programme Director

An Ex-journalist, Ms Sharma has worked extensively in the areas of IEC and Capacity building for women and youth. She brings an array of insights towards the innovation and operationalization of the TARA Akshar+ programme.

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Project Manager

An Ex-mental health professional, she holds specialization in Education and Psychology. She brings in newer perspectives on the learning process, learner’s psychology and contemporary improvisations that the programme needs.

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Aquil Ahmad

Project Coordinator

Mr Ahmad is a social worker with specialization in Community Development. He ensures that the programme is implemented on ground efficiently. He monitors and evaluates the programme continuously.

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Rajeev Pandey

Project Coordinator

Mr Pandey is an economic graduate with specialization in social work. He is responsible for planning and core implementation on the ground, keeping close vigil on the programme deliverables.

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Kamal Kumar

Deputy Manager, Logistics & Graphic

Mr Kumar works on the logistics aspects of the TARA Akshar+ programme and assists the Operations Team at the HQ.

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Vyapika Kapoor

Fundraising Executive

Ms Kapoor comes with an honours degree in Economics. Meticulous and passionate as she is, business development for the TARA Akhar+ programme is undertaken by her skilfully.

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Suraj Gond

MIS Executive

Mr Gond holds a degree in Sociology and works on data entry, support in MIS, implementation field work, HR and accounts support for TARA Akshar+. He is our go-to person for day- to-day requirements.

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Tejaswini Singh

Communications Executive

Ms Singh is pursuing her Masters in Education, she handles the communications responsibilities for TARA Akshar+ and oversees management and coordination of post-literacy sustainability actions.

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Astha Pandey

Graphic Designer

Ms Pandey is the graphic designer for TARA Akshar+ program, she handles the creative and design layout for the program’s and its events’ digital content and material.